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AFIC offers the facilities and equipment to commercially-produce many types of processed products. These include, but are not limited to, apple sauce, apple butter, tomato sauce, jams and jellies, vegetable and fruit juices. Shelf-stable commercial products can be produced in jars, metal cans and flexible pouches.

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Processing locally-grown basil into pesto allowed the grower to expand his sales.

Equipment for processing at AFIC includes:

  • a vacuum food processor to produce high-end jams and jellies
  • a spray dryer to produce fruit or vegetable powders
  • fruit presses, a juice pasteurizer, and a filling and bottling line for the production of fruit and vegetable juices
  • a screw-fed blancher, large volume food processor, tomato finisher, steam-jacketed kettles, piston filler, retorts and semi-automatic labeler to produce tomato and other vegetable purees and sauces
  • a commercial dehydrator to produce dried herbs, fruit pieces or fruit leathers
  • a tray blancher, vacuum bag sealer and blast freezer for the production of frozen fruits and vegetables
  • a walk-in freezer (-30oC) and 2 walk-in coolers for product storage

The AFIC has a manager to oversee processing operations. AFIC is in the University of Arkansas' Food Science building. This allows use of conference rooms and a 2767 ft2 auditorium for activities like workshops and training sessions. The auditorium has a video recording system so workshops and presentations can be made available to people not able to attend live session.

Those interested in working with AFIC should contact us to discuss if the facility will meet their needs.


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