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Product/Process Development

The AFIC is a certified and inspected facility for food product development and processing for commercial sales. Examples of AFIC facilities and equipment are on the Facilities page of this website. When deciding if AFIC can help you begin your food processing business, you may want to discuss your ideas/plans with AFIC staff. To set up an appointment for this, please email AFIC.

AFIC's process authority can provide the certification required for acidified and acid products. (A fee is charged for this service.) They also can help complete FDA–required paperwork. For more information on this service, contact AFIC.

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AFIC staff can provide help assuring that your label conforms to FDA requirements.

AFIC staff also can provide help preparing the Nutrition Facts panel for your label. There is a fee for this service. Please contact AFIC Manager, about your needs before submitting a request and paying the fee.

To get this information, complete the Nutrition Label Request Form.

To submit your request online, click here to open the form. Once you have filled in the requested information, click the submit button at the bottom of the form.

To complete offline: Click here to open the form* for printing. Once completed, mail the form to AFIC, 2650 N. Young Ave., Fayetteville, AR 72704 or scan it and send as an email attachment to (Form is in PDF format. See note above about viewing these forms.)

When completing this form, you must provide a list of all product ingredients and the amount of each. This should be precise to assure the label is accurate. All information provided to AFIC for use in label development remains confidential. For more information on how to get nutritional panel information for your food label, contact the AFIC manager.

*Forms are in PDF format. In order to view and print pdf files, you must have a pdf reader installed on your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader is designed for this purpose and is available as a free download at


Disclaimer: AFIC uses the Genesis Database computer program for developing nutritional labels. This program is highly accurate and is used by many major food processors for nutritional label development. However, the accuracy of the labels developed will be dependent on the correctness and detail of the information provided for label development. AFIC is not responsible for errors in labels.


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Analytical service Checking solids

Services available include:

  • pH of acidified canned foods,
  • Aw (water activity) for low moisture foods
  • Brix (soluble solids) for jams and jellies
  • Viscosity (temperature based)

Please see the table below for pricing and payment information for analytical services.

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Workshops in New Product Development, Food Labeling, Food Microbiology, Food Safety and a Better Process Control School are offered. For descriptions of upcoming training opportunities please visit our Training Opportunities page.

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The table below provides information about fees for services, AFIC usage, and materials that can be provided by AFIC.

Service Service Description Fee
Nutrition Facts Panel
Create a nutritional facts panel for a product package/label
$20/ product
Measuring the pH (acidity)
$20/ sample
Measuring the water activity (Aw)
$30/ sample
Measuring viscosity of product (Temperature based)
Measuring the sugar level (Brix)
$30/ sample
Process Authority Certification
Certification required for acidified and acid products
$100/ certification
AFIC Facility Usage Fee
Cost for usage of AFIC facilities and equipment (Cost units determined based on client usage)
$20/ unit
Steam Usage
Cost for processes using steam (Cost units determined on a per day basis)
$70/ unit
Product Label Printing
Printing of labels for product containers
$50/ 100 labels
Packaging Supplies
Case of glass jars with lids (12 jars/case)

8 oz jars, 16 oz jars & 32 oz jars are available. Please check with AFIC manager for current prices.

PLEASE contact AFIC Manager, before making any payments to confirm you are paying for services you need.

Click here to pay for AFIC services, usage or materials.

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