Concept to Market

Maybe you have a delicious dish from an old family recipe you think people would purchase. Or you’re a farmer wanting to create a value-added product. We can help you develop a commercial, retail-ready product. We also work with existing companies to test or further enhance their product(s). Services include food safety, processing, packaging, regulatory advise and much more!


We’re here to help you with whatever you need in order for your food startup to grow. We’ll help you fill out FDA-required paperwork, help make nutrition facts panels for your products, provide analytical services for your products, provide training on various processes, and more.

Expert Advice

As part of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture’s Institute of Food Science and Engineering, actual food scientists are only a short walk away and are willing to help with the creation of your product. Within the building, you’ll also work alongside experienced and knowledgeable food entrepreneurs that might teach you a thing or two.

Helping You Succeed

Our ultimate goal is to see your company thrive outside of AFIC's walls. Pink House Alchemy, one of our largest producers, has reached this point. Production manager for pink House Alchemy, Ross Barber, shares a little of his experience with AFIC in this video.

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Bernice’s Hummus

A.B. Merritt and Denise “Bernice” Rohr make “hummus with a kick” with garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, with lemon, sesame, garlic, and spices. Their product, Bernice’s Hummus, is building a Fayetteville following with spicy Hellacious and mild Heavenly flavors sold in area grocery stores. Friends have enjoyed the treat since 2005, and Merritt told Rohr they […]

AFIC Client on National TV

Cat Swenson, owner of Great Ferments, an AFIC client, was featured on the Homesteading 101 episode of P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home television show. Cat shared with viewers the procedures for fermenting pickles in brine. View the segment here: