Get help navigating the food regulation maze

How to work with the Arkansas Food Innovation Center


AFIC Intake Form

Contact the AFIC Manager via the Client Intake Form below to determine if AFIC has the facilities and equipment to process your food product(s).


Product Development

Schedule a time to create a test batch in AFIC’s kitchen to determine if your product is safe.


Scale-up Recipe

Prepare a scale-up batch of your product to determine if your recipe works when prepared on a commercial scale with commercial equipment.


Contact FDA

File your product with the FDA. Information on doing this can be found on the FDA website.


Write Procedures

Write a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP), Recall Plan, and an Allergen Plan.


Product Label

Develop a product label.
The FDA Food Labeling Guide provides information on mandatory label requirements. For a nominal fee, AFIC can provide you with a nutritional facts panel.


Purchase Insurance

You must buy product liability insurance The Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP)provides insurance to small food sellers (~$300/yr).


Permission + Review

Obtain a letter from the Food Science Department giving you permission to use AFIC, and review all paperwork with the AFIC manager.


ADH Permit

Apply for a food manufacturing permit from ADH. The application must include your SOP, SSOPs, recall plan, allergen plan and label.


Are you ready to work with AFIC?


After reading the steps above, please fill out the form below to see if you qualify.