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The Arkansas Food Innovation Center (AFIC) provides training for food entrepreneurs and others interested in safe food processing. A link or contact person is given for more information about each training.


Better Process Control School – November 5-7, 2019

A Better Process Control School is offered each year in the Fall at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville campus. This school is provided to help food manufacturers be in compliance with USDA and FDA regulations which require that food manufacturers of low-acid or acidified foods must operate at all times under the supervision of a person who has attended Better Process Control School.

Two types of certifications are offered- Acidified Food Certification and Acidified and Low-Acid Food Certification. All course participants must complete the Acidified Food Certification portion of the course. Those wishing to also obtain Low-Acid Certification must complete an additional day of training.

For more information and a detailed agenda for the up-coming school, click here.


Acidified Food Certification (2 days)

  • Day 1: Introduction to FDA regulations, microbiology, container handling, food plant sanitation and record keeping
  • Day 2: Glass closure evaluation, metal can and flexible packaging container evaluation, theory of thermal processing, instrumentation and acidified foods

Acidified and Low-Acid Food Certification (3 days)

  • Days 1 and 2 above
  • Day 3: Detailed discussion of the various thermal processing systems

For more information and a detailed agenda for the up-coming school, click here.



Good Manufacturing Practices

Participation in this training session is a requirement for all those processing product in the AFIC facility. For specific dates and more information on these session contact AFIC.

Plan. Produce. Profit. workshop series recordings

A series of workshops designed to help participants learn how to produce food products for the local food system were held in early 2015. Workshops included: